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Here you will find tips and support for using the portal.

Find information (posts, articles, texts)

You can quickly find the information you are looking for in the following ways.

Main Selection
Also called the main menu or menu. On every page you will find the main selection at the top. On small devices (smartphones, tablet computers) it is hidden behind the Ξ Selection field.

The URL is entered in the address field of the browser. It should be right now. If you now enter a frequently used keyword instead of help, you will find the corresponding article directly. If the keyword is not stored, you will be taken to the search page where you can search again for the same keyword.

Examples, upper and lower case do not matter:

  • Course
  • Help
  • Offer
  • Training
Full Text Search
There is a search field in the page header. A sophisticated full-text search is integrated into it. As soon as you pause while typing the search term, suggestions are made. If the term you are looking for is misspelled, you will be asked whether another term is meant. In the listed contributions, the text passages found are highlighted to make it easier for you to make a selection.
Keyword Index

In the main selection under the item Blog you will find keyword to call up the keyword directory. Of course you can also enter in the address field.

The first 20 keywords are displayed. Simply select ALL in the upper right-hand corner of the number, and you will find all the posts with keywords.

Logging in and out no longer works

We know this problem. It is always because outdated pages with outdated content and outdated login information are used. To prevent this, we have turned off all content caching functions on the servers.

There is also your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome ...), which also has a cache. If you access the portal from a company network, this can also operate a cache, a so-called proxy server.

First try to delete the cache in your browser. In Firefox, depending on the version, you can do this with the hamburger symbol ( Ξ ) or Alt+B for Edit, Settings, Advanced, Network, Cached Web Content. Then click the Empty Now button. You can safely delete your cache at any time; it only stores content from the Internet, which is then retrieved the next time it is called up.

If this does not help, you can ask the BOGENPARADIES if there is currently a problem with the cache.

Finally, you can ask the administrators of your network if there is a way to turn off the proxy server cache for all pages of https://*.bogenparadies.*.