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Bild Schützen stehen auf der Schießlinie
So stehst Du sicher auf der Schießlinie!

The statistics of the accident insurers prove: "In most sports there are considerably more accidents, e.g. due to strains, stretching and tearing of ligaments, falls, fractures and sprains or worse injuries, than in archery!" Individuals' fear of archery is absolutely unfounded.

Nevertheless, it is essential that a few safety rules are observed in order to avoid accidents. The German Archery Association has laid down safety rules to which the BOGENPARADIES is committed. Even more so, as we often have young people and children practising archery, we have further developed these safety rules. This serves both our own safety and that of our children. After all, we want to set a good example and enable our young people to act responsibly and self-confidently.

The House/Shooting Range Rules of the  BOGENPARADIES

defines these safety rules in §7, which are commented and explained below.

  1. As long as the correct stance is not taken on the shooting line, all arrows remain in the quiver.

    In archery, athletes do not stand behind the shooting line, but ON it. This means that one foot is in front of the shooting line and the other foot behind. In other words, the shooting line passes centrally between the two feet of the archer. The athlete stands more or less at an angle on the shooting line so that the axis between his heels forms an angle of between about 50° and 80° to the shooting line. The archer may not take an arrow out of his quiver until this stance has been fully assumed. Still less may he place an arrow in his bow, whether he intends to shoot or not!
  2. As long as someone is in front of the firing line, all arrows remain in the quiver.

    Each sportsman must make sure that there is no one on the side of the shooting line facing the targets before he takes arrows from his arrow supply to put them into his sporting equipment. Particular care must be taken to ensure that no one is behind a target or the arrow catching net. Athletes may be in these areas looking for their missed arrows.
  3. As long as anyone is shooting, no one is allowed to step in front of the shooting line.

    In archery, all athletes shoot their arrows at the same time. During this time, it is absolutely forbidden to step in front of the shooting line, as the risk of injury is particularly high here. Beginners, especially those who are not in need, easily make the mistake of stepping in front of the shooting line out of reflex when they drop an arrow or when they have shot their arrows and want to retrieve them. It must be ensured that each sportsman, after having shot his arrows, places his bow BEHIND the shooting line in a bow stand and waits there until ALL the other sportsmen have also finished. Only then do the athletes step TOGETHER in front of the shooting line and collect their arrows (none of the archers takes their bow to the targets!).

If these safety rules are observed by all athletes, no accident can happen. The personal responsibility of all shooters (even the youngest) ensures that the mistake of one individual does not lead to a real dangerous situation.

Should it happen that anyone accidentally breaks one of these rules, all sportsmen are obliged to shout STOP or HALT loudly.

In the event of a loud STOP or HALT, everyone must immediately relax their bow, remove the arrow and return it to the arrow supply. In such a case, an arrow may not be shot under any circumstances, no matter how far the course of the shot has progressed, no matter whether a danger is apparent or not.

EVERYONE who enters the BOGENPARADIES must learn and observe these safety rules.

These safety rules are binding for everyone in the BOGENPARADIES, without exception! Parents are liable for their children.